Chirk is secretary to the Psychlo security chief, Terl, at the mining installation near Denver, Colorado on Earth.

Terl acquired Chirk as a secretary because she was stupid enough not to be any menace and good-looking enough to be decorative. She got drunk with economical speed and had other advantages too.

Her utility was in blocking off callers and shuffling administration papers back for somebody else to handle.

Her dedication to Terl and willingness to assist in his underhanded schemes comes solely from a promise of a fortune and a huge house together back on their home planet, Psychlo.

Befriending Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, she provides vital information to the human rebellion.


Raised in the same desolate village in the Rocky Mountains as Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, Chrissie is a very pretty girl, about eighteen, with large black eyes in strange contrast to her corn-silk hair.

She loves Jonnie and his decision to leave their disease-ridden village in search of a better place practically crushes her.

In retaliation, Chrissie threatens to go after Jonnie if he does not return in a year-much to his dismay. She carries out her promise when almost a year later his horse, Windsplitter, wanders into the village, alone and with a fresh scar on its back—putting dread in her heart that Jonnie is injured and helpless.

Her younger sister, Pattie, follows her on her search for Jonnie, and to their relief, they find him in the big village past the valley—unaware that he is being used as a lure to entrap them.

Captured by the sadistic Psychlo alien Terl, Chrissie and Pattie are used as leverage against Jonnie to get him to follow Terl’s orders.

Sir Robert the Fox

In Scotland, humans survive in small tribes, forced high into the Highlands. They are starving as there is little grazing for sheep and they do not dare plow or plant crops for fear of the demons that fly through the air.

Then a messenger comes from America with a vision to save mankind—he requests that fifty men come back with him to the Psychlo mining camp near Denver, Colorado. The messenger is Jonnie Goodboy Tyler.

The Chief of the Clan elects one man in particular for this adventure—a veteran of many raids, and very learned—Sir Robert the Fox.

Under the guise of working with a group of humans to mine for the villainous Psychlo Terl, Robert the Fox puts into action his skills in military tactics and plays a major role in executing the rebellion against the alien invaders.


With a love of guile and a thirst for adventure, Glencannon leaves the Scottish Highlands to join the small band of humans Jonnie Goodboy Tyler needs to save Chrissie and thwart the alien invaders.

Upon arrival in the Psychlo mining center near Denver, Colorado, Glencannon rapidly learns Psychlo and how to use their mining machinery and becomes an expert pilot—all under the guise of assisting the sadistic Psychlo Terl in his secret mining project.

A daredevil and fierce warrior, it is his skills in reconnaissance and aerial combat that make him a vital and dedicated part of the human resistance.

Dries Gloton

While he likes to call himself the Chief Collections Executive, Dries Gloton is actually the Branch Manager of the Selachees’ Galactic Bank for the sixteenth universe, which includes Earth.

A Branch Manager has total authority for his sector, and is a bit jealous of his prerogatives.

See Lord Voraz.


Ker was born of wealthy parents on Psychlo. It was a very proud family and his mother gave birth to a litter. Usually a Psychlo litter is four, but in this case, it was six, and it often happens that when there are that many pups, one of them is a runt. And in this case, the runt happened to be Ker.

Not wanting the family disgraced, Ker was thrown out in the garbage, only to be fished out by one of the household slaves and sent underground to join a secret revolutionary organization of blue-colored Balfan slaves.

Brought up by the Balfan revolutionaries, Ker was trained to steal things for them, as he could slip in and out of places, being so small. He was caught at the age of eight and was imprisoned and sentenced to hard labor, where he learned the ins and outs of criminality.

At the age of fifteen, he escaped prison and bought false identity papers, bribed an Intergalactic Mining Company clerk and got employed as a shaft man because he could get in and out of small places. Now forty-one, Ker works on Earth and has been assigned by Terl to assist Jonnie Goodboy Tyler in learning to operate the Psychlo minesite machinery for Terl’s “special project.”

Termed a “geysermouth” for his incessant chattering, Ker has no friends and none of the other Psychlos at the compound bother to listen to him.

By forging a relationship with Jonnie, he puts in motion major events that will affect the future of the human rebellion.

Brown Limper Staffor

Brown Limper Staffor, son of Parson Staffor, was raised in the same village as Jonnie Goodboy Tyler. Born with a clubfoot, he should have been killed at birth, but he was saved as he was the only child the Staffors had ever had.

There has never been any affection between Jonnie and Brown Limper, and the seed of hate that Brown Limper has harbored for Jonnie over many years continues to fester-leaving him jealous and bitter.

Climbing the ranks from council member of the small village near Denver to the Council of Earth in the human rebellion, Limper has a personal agenda that poses a dire threat to the success of the human resistance.

Bittie MacLeod

Bittie MacLeod is filled with dreams of long-forgotten centuries when chivalry was the order of the day and brave knights galloped out to fight the forces of evil.

Though very young, it is this dream of adventure that compels him to join the human rebellion against the Psychlos in Scotland.

When he meets Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, he immediately idolizes the man—deeming him a knight—and so dedicates himself to assisting Jonnie as his squire.

Dunneldeen MacSwanson

Dunneldeen is a fiery Scot and one of the first members of the human rebellion. Never afraid to look death in the eye and dance with the devil’s wife, he serves the resistance well with his courage and nerve as a fighter pilot.


Planetary Director of Earth, Numph is getting old.

Rumor has it that he is a discard from the Central Company Directorate—not for corruption, but just for bumbling incompetence—and has been sent as far away as they could send him. An unimportant post, a rim star in a remote galaxy, a perfect place to send someone and forget him.

Wanting to cut pay and bonuses, purportedly to increase profits for the Intergalactic Mining Company, he turns to Terl, Psychlo security chief, to help ensure that there is no outbreak of mutiny at the mining sites on Earth.

While seeming to assist the Planetary Director in preventing revolt, Terl is secretly working to increase his own personal wealth, and must somehow manage to manipulate and control the Planetary Director in order to accomplish his ends.

There was something on Numph. Terl was fervidly certain of it.


Raised in the same village as Jonnie Goodboy Tyler near Denver, Colorado, Pattie is a budding copy of her older sister, Chrissie, with corn-silk hair and large black eyes.

Following her sister out of their village in search of Jonnie, Pattie is captured with Chrissie and imprisoned in a cage by the Psychlo alien Terl. They are both merely tools to be used as leverage against Jonnie so he will obey orders.

She is subjected to conditions no eight-year-old should have to suffer through, but she survives.

Lord Schleim

Behind the glittering robes and polished pleasantries, Tolnep emissary Lord Schleim is a slithering and underhanded diplomat—a master of debate much like a swordsman is a master of his blade.

Packing enough power to flick a small planet like Earth into eternity with no more than a careless gesture of a claw or fingertip, Lord Schleim has designs of his own on Earth—making him a formidable enemy against the human rebellion.

Colonel Ivan Smolensk

As tall as Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, heavyset with slightly slanted eyes, and dressed in baggy-bottom trousers and a white tunic, he is quite imposing, his bristling black mustache standing straight out on both sides of his big nose.

His name is Ivan Smolensk of the Hindu Kush in the Himalayan Mountains. He is descended from a Red Army detachment that was cut off there and intermarried locally. There are about ten groups in the Himalayas; some speak Russian, some an Afghanistan dialect.

A loyal friend to Jonnie Goodboy Tyler and a fierce leader, Colonel Ivan and his tribes combine forces with the Americans and Scots in a strategic alliance to defend against the alien invaders.


Stam Stavenger, called Stormalong, is a member of a Norwegian group that had immigrated to Scotland from Norway in ages past. His people preserved their names and lineage, but not their customs, as now they look and act like Scots.

His courage and nerve as a fighter pilot serve the resistance well.


Terl is the Psychlo security chief on a planet without insecurities—Earth.

It had been a gut blow to Terl when he was ordered to Earth. He was only 39 when he was appointed and he’d just received word that his tour of duty had been extended—with no mention of relief.

Terrified at the vision of a 190-year-old Terl tottering around on this same planet, he realizes that such questionable fates require action—big action. And that is just what Terl does, devising a plan to get himself back to his home planet—a wealthy Psychlo.

To succeed, he must find and teach humans to run Psychlo mining equipment under the guise of cutting down personnel costs while preventing the head of the planet and the other Psychlos at the minesite from discovering his true motives.

Setting things in motion, Terl captures the human Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, forcing him to lead other humans in the mining project—and to keep him in check he imprisons his girlfriend, Chrissie, and her younger sister, Pattie, keeping them locked in a cage, under threat of death if Jonnie does not cooperate.

Fully versed in the arts of deception, Terl uses every means of extortion, blackmail, and villainy he needs to push forward his plans of personal wealth and power.

But unbeknownst to Terl, he has set in motion actions that will affect the entire galaxy—and made a deadly enemy of the only man who would ever really be a threat to him—Jonnie Goodboy Tyler.

Mr. Tsung

Mr. Tsung is a descendant of a family that served as chamberlains to the Ch’ing Dynasty—those who ruled China from 1644 A.D. to about 1911, close to eleven hundred years ago. They were the last dynasty before China became a People’s Republic (and before the initial attack by the Psychlo aliens).

His family always kept up on its background, expecting someday a dynasty they could serve would come back into power.

Becoming an advisor to Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, Mr. Tsung instructs him in the arts of politics and diplomacy—skills which may prove more valuable to the resistance than the numbers in their ranks or the strength of their weapons.

Jonnie Goodboy Tyler

Jonnie Goodboy Tyler was raised in a small, dying village in the mountains near Denver, Colorado. Among people who were average height, Jonnie Goodboy stood half a head taller, a muscular six feet shining with the bronzed health of his twenty years.

Growing up, Jonnie was always considered a bit of a trial, always asking questions and stirring things up—refusing to believe the tales of deadly clouds wiping out great villages, and monsters lurking beyond the valley.

When Jonnie was twenty his father died, and out of frustration and guilt he defies his elders and embarks on a quest to find a better place for his people—where the food is abundant and they will not be plagued by sickness.

During his trek, Jonnie is captured, discovering a truth more terrifying than the legends of his youth as he is confronted with the most oppressive and vicious alien race in all the galaxies—the Psychlos.

Caught in the clutches of the Psychlos, Jonnie must somehow survive, using every resource he has to engineer a rebellion against the invaders or lose the last of humanity in the attempt.

Lord Voraz

Lord Voraz is the Central Director, Chief Executive Officer and Overlord of the Galactic Bank.

He is from a race called the “Selachee,” indigenous to the only three habitable planets of the Gredides System. The planets are mostly water—nine surface parts of water to only two parts of land on average. And they have banking as their only industry.

The Selachee are ideal bankers. They can eat anything, drink anything, breathe almost any atmosphere, live on almost any gravity and, by tribal mores, worship total honesty and the righteousness of obligation.

Lord Voraz commands billions in the Selachee banking industry and his power spans sixteen universes—including Earth.