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Jonnie Goodboy Tyler

Dune and Battlefield Earth—Heroes: The Force that Drives Sci-Fi

Some of the most loved heroes are from epic sci-fi classics and Paul Atreides (Dune) and Jonnie Goodboy Tyler (Battlefield Earth) arguably set the mold.

Futurist Technology

Dune and Battlefield Earth—Futuristic Technology: Sci-Fi Classics Set the Pace for Tech Innovations

Futuristic technology inspired by science fiction is all around us. The sci-fi tech of Dune and Battlefield Earth is no exception. These innovations are changing the world.

Aliens invade Earth

Jim Marrs Discusses: Is Earth Prepared for an Alien Invasion?

The following article by Jim Marrs written for Galaxy Press addresses the issue of UFOs, aliens and alien invasion initially from the perspective of fiction literature and then from documented incidents.