Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000

21st Century Edition now available in both trade paperback and audiobook editions.

Battlefield Earth book

In Battlefield Earth the action begins immediately—and never stops!

You’ll thrill to this epic sci-fi adventure in which a technologically advanced race of 9-foot-tall aliens with razor-sharp claws has overrun our planet … and humanity has become an endangered species.

To start reading Part 1 now, click on the book above.

Battlefield Earth audiobook

Battlefield Earth is a totally revolutionary, game-changing, multi-cast production stretching the boundaries of audiobooks and raising the bar sky-high.

The ultimate in dynamic sci-fi storytelling, this audiobook will fully immerse you in a virtual movie in your mind.

You’ve simply got to experience it for yourself. Listen to an excerpt of this sci-fi bestseller, click on the audiobook above.

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