Funeral for a Planet desert R.I.P. Earth

From the Battlefield Earth Musical Soundtrack: Funeral for a Planet

Written and composed by L. Ron Hubbard, the 1982 Battlefield Earth album entitled Space Jazz was the first-ever musical soundtrack produced for a novel. The album recounts, in song, the epic tale of Jonnie Goodboy Tyler’s struggle to free humankind from the oppressive alien Psychlos and then restore world peace. Below are the lyrics for “Funeral for a Planet,” featured on the album.

Funeral for a Planet

What planet is that?

I don’t know, God.

Why, it’s dead!

I hear a woman weeping.

Let’s go closer.

The dead were not mourned.
Nobody cried,
Only trees wept.

Poor Earth.

A lonely wind sighed,
A planet had died
Not even a tomb.

Poor Earth.

Struck with pure hate
The warning too late
Gutted and raped.

Poor Earth.

Who will defend her?
Who will then mend her?
Who will befriend her?

Poor Earth.

Poor Earth.

Poor Earth.

That’s not a woman crying.

That’s the planet.

―L. Ron Hubbard

until the year 3000 uprising of humankind
forged by one Jonnie Goodboy Tyler
as told in Battlefield Earth.

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