Brown Limper Staffor


Name: Brown Limper Staffor
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10”
Group: Council of Earth
Atmosphere: Air

Brown Limper Staffor, son of Parson Staffor, was born with a clubfoot and as was the custom of the village, he should have been put to death. But as the only child the Staffors had, his father, the village parson, saves him.

There was never any affection between Jonnie and Brown Limper, and the seeds of hate that Brown Limper had harbored for Jonnie over many years continued to fester—leaving him jealous and bitter.

Climbing the ranks from council member of the small village to the Council of Earth in the human rebellion, and finally orchestrating himself to the position of Senior Mayor Planet, Brown Limper has a personal vendetta that poses an unseen threat to Jonnie and the success of the human resistance.