Tolnep marine & Lord Schleim

Tolnep marine & Lord Schleim

Race: Tolnep
Gender: Male
Height: Unknown
Group: Tolnep system
Atmosphere: Almost Anything

The Tolneps are short, about half the size of a Psychlo, and they can breathe almost anything. Worst luck, they are immune to Psychlo gas barrages. Their diet is metal and their bite is deadly poison. They have a body density comparable to iron and they can’t be killed with an ordinary blast gun.

Their one vulnerability is their eyesight. They only see in infrared and have to wear a face mask with a filter plate. They are totally blind when subjected to shorter wavelength light and can be killed only with ultraviolet weapons. They are intensely allergic to cold and have a body heat of around two hundred degrees.

The Tolneps raid other planets and sell the population off as slaves.

The key Tolnep players in the dispute over Earth are: Lord Schleim, Quarter-Admiral Snowleter, Half-Captain Rogodeter Snowl, Double-Ensign Slitheter Pliss and Roof Arsebogger.