Bash Our Way to Glory

“Bash Our Way to Glory”

Affiliation: Psychlo
Weapontry: High-Powered Blast Cannons
Speed: Unknown
Weight: Unknown

“Bash Our Way to Glory” is the title of one of the tanks of the old Basher class used by the Psychlos. As can easily be derived from the name, the tank’s primary purpose is to smash things out of one’s way during a battle.

A nearly impregnable armored vehicle, equipped with guns that wreck things for miles, the “Bash Our Way to Glory” tank is a formidable ground force.

“They were readying up a heavy armored tank. Two tanks that had gotten out that violent afternoon had been blown to cinders. So the Chamcos were rigging one of the old brutes of the Basher class: ‘Bash Our Way to Glory.’ Nothing could penetrate its hide and its guns wrecked things for miles.” (Part 12, Chapter 8 Battlefield Earth)