Race: Psychlo
Gender: Male
Height: 8’4″
Group: Intergalactic Mining Company
Atmosphere: Breathe-gas

Planetary Director of Earth, Numph is getting old.

Rumor has it that he is a discard from the Central Company Directorate—not for corruption, but just for bumbling incompetence—and has been sent as far away as they could send him. An unimportant post, a rim star in a remote galaxy, a perfect place to send someone and forget him.

Wanting to cut pay and bonuses, purportedly to increase profits for the Intergalactic Mining Company, he turns to Terl, Psychlo security chief, to help ensure that there is no outbreak of mutiny at the mining sites on Earth.

While seeming to assist the Planetary Director in preventing revolt, Terl is secretly working to increase his own personal wealth, and must somehow manage to manipulate and control the Planetary Director in order to accomplish his ends.

There was something on Numph. Terl is fervidly certain of it.