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Bahgol-Cake Bars

Star Trek, Battlefield Earth, and Dune Cookies and Recipes

What cookies and confections did alien species eat in Star Trek, Battlefield Earth, and Dune? This is not covered in great detail in the TV series, films, or books but is now remedied with a fair amount of imagination mixed with apparently alien-looking and tasting ingredients. In a bowl. Have fun!

Orson Scott Card Ender's Game

What Inspired Orson Scott Card to Write Ender’s Game?

What inspired Orson Scott Card to write Ender’s Game? What qualities should an author have to create a masterpiece such as Ender’s Game, Dune, The Foundation Series, Stranger in a Strange Land, and Battlefield Earth?

Jonnie Goodboy Tyler

Dune and Battlefield Earth—Heroes: The Force that Drives Sci-Fi

Some of the most loved heroes are from epic sci-fi classics and Paul Atreides (Dune) and Jonnie Goodboy Tyler (Battlefield Earth) arguably set the mold.

Futurist Technology

Dune and Battlefield Earth—Futuristic Technology: Sci-Fi Classics Set the Pace for Tech Innovations

Futuristic technology inspired by science fiction is all around us. The sci-fi tech of Dune and Battlefield Earth is no exception. These innovations are changing the world.

Evil Villains Alien, Darth Vader, Terl, Voldomort, and Terminator

Evil Villains: Who’s the Baddest of Them All?

Everybody loves a good villain. But who is the baddest of them all? And what makes the bad guy a really good bad guy? In other words, what are the qualities that make a character we can all enjoy hating?

desert fantasy world

Dune and Battlefield Earth—Science Fantasy & Sci-Fi Worldbuilding

How the worldbuilding of Dune and Battlefield Earth transport us to their worlds and the parallel of these epic science fantasy and science fiction novels.

astronaut on a red planet

Space Opera: 10 Best Books to Read

The science fiction sub-genre of Space Opera has not always been the most popular category in sci-fi books.

Girl listening to an audiobook

What Is It Like to Watch a Movie With Your Ears?

This blog is about audiobooks. And not just ordinary audiobooks. The Rolls-Royce brand of audiobooks.

Katniss, Luke and Jonnie Goodboy Tyler

Who’s the Greatest of Them All?

So we have talked about who’s the baddest of them all. But just as there is no disagreement that it takes a really good bad guy to bring out the best in the hero, it nevertheless remains that a great hero is…well…great!