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Interstellar travel through a wormhole

Interstellar Travel: The Agony and the Ecstasy

Interstellar travel: the distance and time involved make it impossible to boldly go where no one has gone before! Will science fiction help crack the code?

desert fantasy world

Dune and Battlefield Earth—Science Fantasy & Sci-Fi Worldbuilding

How the worldbuilding of Dune and Battlefield Earth transport us to their worlds and the parallel of these epic science fantasy and science fiction novels.

Alien Invastion

Alien Invasion: Is Man an Endangered Species?

Aliens invading Earth may sound like science fiction. But what if it’s true? What if we are being invaded? Right now?

Jim Meskimen directing actors Phil Proctor and Larrs Jackson in Battlefield Earth

Best Sci Fi Audiobooks for Summer Reading

An interview with Jim Meskimen on Battlefield Earth as one of the best Sci Fi audiobooks for summer reading

Jim Meskimen, as director, working with Phil Proctor, R.F. Daley, and Gino Montesinos in recording session of Battlefield Earth

Best Sci-Fi Audiobook: Directing Battlefield Earth

Actor and director Jim Meskimen shares his experience bringing one of the best sci-fi audiobooks to life: Battlefield Earth.