Voyager spacecraft

Was It a Mistake to Broadcast Earth Coordinates on Voyager?

Was it a mistake to put Earth’s coordinates on the space probes Voyager 1 and 2? According to the science fiction novel, Battlefield Earth, by L. Ron Hubbard, the answer is yes.

Are aliens real?

Are Aliens Real: And Will They Be Good or Bad for Us?

We wanted to know what people thought of the existence of alien life. We also checked for what Stephen Hawking, Jim Marrs, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Elon Musk had to say.

Jonnie Goodboy Tyler

Dune and Battlefield Earth—Heroes: The Force that Drives Sci-Fi

Some of the most loved heroes are from epic sci-fi classics and Paul Atreides (Dune) and Jonnie Goodboy Tyler (Battlefield Earth) arguably set the mold.

Interstellar travel through a wormhole

Interstellar Travel: The Agony and the Ecstasy

Interstellar travel: the distance and time involved make it impossible to boldly go where no one has gone before! Will science fiction help crack the code?

Space Aliens

My Top 10 Space Aliens

With so many space aliens (scary to comical), listing my top 10 was almost impossible. If you like aliens, you’ll love these short clips and trailers.

Futurist Technology

Dune and Battlefield Earth—Futuristic Technology: Sci-Fi Classics Set the Pace for Tech Innovations

Futuristic technology inspired by science fiction is all around us. The sci-fi tech of Dune and Battlefield Earth is no exception. These innovations are changing the world.

desert fantasy world

Dune and Battlefield Earth—Science Fantasy & Sci-Fi Worldbuilding

How the worldbuilding of Dune and Battlefield Earth transport us to their worlds and the parallel of these epic science fantasy and science fiction novels.

Alien Invastion

Alien Invasion: Is Man an Endangered Species?

Aliens invading Earth may sound like science fiction. But what if it’s true? What if we are being invaded? Right now?

Jim Meskimen directing actors Phil Proctor and Larrs Jackson in Battlefield Earth

Best Sci Fi Audiobooks for Summer Reading

An interview with Jim Meskimen on Battlefield Earth as one of the best Sci Fi audiobooks for summer reading

Battlefield Earth in Space

Does Space Opera Influence our Future?

We just made another leap getting humans into space. But how does science fiction, especially space opera books, influence taking us to the stars?