Summer Reading

Summer Reading List

Summer reading season is here, and for you avid readers who can’t stand the idea of relaxing without a good book, here are ten diverse must-read titles.

Terl Reading

Survival Tips: Something Positive

A few survival tips to get through the pandemic. Something positive. Something inspired by science fiction.

Jonnie Goodboy Tyler

Lead by Example: Can Sci-Fi Characters Inspire Leadership?

Can a sci-fi character set the bar on being a leader? Some of the most inspiring leaders are found in science fiction, and this one leads by example.

post-apocalyptic world

Post-Apocalyptic Books: The End of the World … or the Dawn of a New One?

What is the appeal of post-apocalyptic books? Could it be macabre obsession? Or hope that we can prevent it from becoming real?

Jim Meskimen, as director, working with Phil Proctor, R.F. Daley, and Gino Montesinos in recording session of Battlefield Earth

Best Sci-Fi Audiobook: Directing Battlefield Earth

Actor and director Jim Meskimen shares his experience bringing one of the best sci-fi audiobooks to life: Battlefield Earth.

Milky Way

The Fermi Paradox: Are We Alone in the Universe? Are We Doomed?

The Fermi Paradox questions whether aliens exist. But with how vast the Milky Way is, conspiracy theories about UFOs & aliens make us wonder and worry.


Sci-Fi Technology: Teleporters

Does science fiction influence technology? And more importantly, are some sci-fi technologies—such as teleporters—better left in the realm of fiction?

Brain Implant

Will Neurostimulators Lead to Mind Control?

Everybody loves a good villain. But who is the baddest of them all? And what makes the bad guy a really good bad guy? In other words, what are the qualities that make a character we can all enjoy hating?

sci-fi gift ideas

Gift Ideas: Best Sci-Fi Book Recommendations

Finding the right books to read for an avid sci-fi reader can be tough. These gift ideas and book recommendations for the best sci-fi books take into account the variety of science fiction sub-genres and the master authors of the craft.

astronaut on a red planet

Space Opera: 10 Best Books to Read

The science fiction sub-genre of Space Opera has not always been the most popular category in sci-fi books.